Monday, October 24, 2011

NO, you can NOT take my blood

I just had a really sad day the other day...
not to be a debbie downer or anything but it was just no fun.
so i woke up and got ready because i had a dermotology appointment, after lying in bed and debating whether or not i was going to go or reschedule...again, but i go
As i get there i'm handed a huge pile of papers,
"if you could first fill out some paperwork..."
some paperwork? this is not just some paperwork, this is a book
Where are you mom and dad?
Then I'm called in and super uncomfortable.
The doctor then proceeds to tell me my skins bad
no duh sherlock...thats one of the reasons i'm here
and some other dreadful news that causes a mental breakdown
  he tells me that he's putting me on some pretty heavy duty medicine and I have to go get blood drawn

 W. H. A. T.

No, i'm sorry the medicine isn't really necessary i'll just live with bad skin forever I am then handed another stack of papers and pointed towards the lab. At this point I am hysterical.
I am standing outside the lab debating on whether or not i should just leave.
People walking by probably thought I was just diagnosed with cancer due to all the tears
In all honesty I dont know why I was so crazed. Maybe because I dont remember ever giving blood, maybe because i was overwhelmed or maybe because I had no one there with me to ask the important questions. I finally go in and they call me back right away, COOL. I proceed to apologize in case I freak out further and she puts this thing around my arm  that cuts off circulation and hurts me
"Um is that supposed to hurt?"
"Yes, its gonna be a little uncomfortable"
oh lovely. I'm gonna faint, im gonna faint
It really wasnt THAT terrible or long but that didnt stop me from trying to breathe deeply and stay calm. But now you can see why i never willingly give blood, yes, sorry im so selfish. I just freak out.
Afterwards I headed back to turn in all the lovely paperwork and was sent on my way. Well I have another appointment next month where they need to take more blood... I didnt even get them to check any of my beauty marks which is lovely, and one of the reasons i was there...i really hope i dont get skin cancer
since it runs in the family and all. You see my dad had melanoma and its constantly on my mind when i see all my spots or talk to my dad and get another lecture or when i go to the dermotologist [all the time now].

Well sorry i am such a baby & this is super embarrassing....
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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