Sunday, October 30, 2011

This week i

fell in love with this color-Essies Turks and Caicos
drooled over this dessert
wanted to make this treat but had no time.These made me think of you dad! and i can not wait to make them for you when i see you next. I think these would be so much fun to make in my new cupcake maker that mom got me. I am so excited
Aced every test i took
got overwhelmed by school like i do sometimes and i just try to tell myself that I just have to graduate!
I found this and its so motivating to focus on the big picture. I had to figure out my schedule this week so i know what i'm taking when i sign up next week and I have to take a crap load of credits next semester and i freaked out. In good news I got an A on my history midterm, my ASL test and my ASL quiz. SCORE baby.
I hope I keep this up, i am doing so well in school!
played lacrosse...a lot
had lacrosse practice tuesday and thursday and it was intense. Hayley and i even went out and passed one day. I love lacrosse and its so fun to be playing again with such fun girls however,
its kicking my butt...
almost bought these hats...even though i have no children
Honestly are these not the cutest hats you have ever seen? Its a good thing they are coming soon and not available yet because i am broke. I saw a baby at the mall wearing one and i pointed it out to my dad and we both laughed because it was so flippin adorable. You better believe my future kids will have one.
joined UVUSA!
Also known as student government. [the pictures relevent i promise!] so my roomie
and i were supposed to pass out these flyers to all of raintree for the Insomnia Dance Monday at UVU but she ended up going to Idaho all weekend so i did it myself and oh my goodness. I never realized how many apartments there were here which meants so many flights of stairs which means i woke up Saturday morning sore. It felt good though, it saved me from having to do stairs for like a week! Anyway I'm helping do checkin at the dance Monday, so come say hi :) I love being involved in all these school activities!
became straight up obsessed with Julianne Hough
So pretty i couldnt pick just one...anyway, prettiest person i have ever seen AND shes blonde, usually im partial to brunnettes so this is progress. Not only is she gorgeous but shes a great dancer and so sweet! Cool thing she was also raised in Sandy Utah and grew up LDS...she doesnt practice, but you couldnt tell with the way she acts.
found out about this book
i've heard reviews about this book from multiple people and all good which makes me really wanna read it!
I really need to get to the library...

I also: -made the cute boy in front of me in math class smile/laugh[which is rare] i dont even know how, i prob said something ridiculous and he was listening to our conversation and turned around. progress?
-found out its nearly impossible to get into oxford university because i randomly looked up admissions and in 2010 17,000 applied and they only had space for 3,200-well goodbye [recent]dreams of going to school in London...
-also found out the Boston Marathon is the only marathon you have to have a qualifying time for meaning you have to be in another marathon and do well before you can do the Boston one. REALLY.
Are you just loving these random facts...?
Anyway to end this, lets all get excited for the Hunger Games, The Great Gatsby and The Lucky One to come out on the big screen! All of which i've read and all of which will be coming out in the next year.

Thats all.
xoxo Cait xoxo

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