Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just another

Good News Minute

So on the first part of my history midterm I got an 88%
I only know that part because it was a scantron but hey thats good considering how much information was covered, ill take it!

The other day I was in for an interview at a restaraunt and the cutest old couple came in and asked if i was in front of them and i said oh no im here for an interview and he goes oh! well good luck then. His grandson then said he applied there and I shouldnt be nervous and just be confident. The grandfather then leans over to me and says yeah but he didnt get the job, dont worry, you will [pause] you're pretty. I was having another long day and that little old man made my day. He reminded me a lot of my pappaw.

I had so much fun with kaley last night. She has seriously turned into my best friend.
We went to dinner before we saw Footloose, can you take a guess where we went?
haha where we always go and we just talked eachothers ears off. We can just talk for hours and
we always understand the other one, its nice to have friends like that and even with her living in SOJO she always makes an effort. love youu" i sound so gay..." haha
I got an 84% on my math test
Whats with the B's this week....

I had a UVU club lacrosse meeting today and I am so ready to play again. It went great and the girls seem awesome. When we had to go around and tell everyone where we were from and how long we played, everyone was in shock when i said i was from MD and they all seemed impressed. Now i feel as though everyones expecting me to be pressure....

Dustin, Sarah and I met up with K and some friends of hers in Salt Lake to go to Nightmare again because we got in free since we still had our bracelets from the first time. If we go November 5th, its free too. You better believe I'm using it for all its worth. It's so much fun. Dustin had never done one of those before so he was hilarious and even fell when something popped out at him hahaha on me...

So last week i broke my bus pass. It snapped right in half when I was tapping off which is why i never tap off Tanner i mean...i just picked it up and looked at the bus driver as i held the many pieces of my once whole bus pass. I was told I would have to pay $40 for a new one. My room mate said they made her pay full price when it happened to her but I had a lucky day because they said i didnt have to. phew

My roomie and good friend while growing up is engaged!
Congrats Rachel and Colton you two are perfect for eachother.
I'm still taking some credit for this ;) cant wait to help you plan it rach
Sometimes its easy to miss the blessings in your everyday life or the moments that make things fun with all the stress and busyness of life, so its nice to step back and view it all.
I hope everyone has as much good or fun news in their life as me!
xoxo Cait xoxo

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