Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time for conference

i thoroughly enjoy watching conference. i was able to watch all four sessions this time. no work, no sports or prior commitments, it was lovely. thats how it should be though, conference is very important and i love hearing the messages God wants us to. I am so excited about the new temple they are building in provo
the new temples they are building in general! i love temples and i need to make a lot more time to go, so thats gonna be one of my goals. i am hoping that i will finally be able to go to an open house for a temple because i have never been. Oh and can i just say how much i love Thomas S. Monson? the first time he spoke, my notes next to his name are hes adorable. haha i just love him. one of the talks i really liked was Ian S. Arderns talk, which was about time management, something that i always need to hear more about. if you've never seen conference or just missed this one you should check it out! i hope you enjoyed conference just as much as i did on this perfect fall weekend.
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xoxo Cait xoxo

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