Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cut Loose, Footloose

One word: AMAZING.
From someone who has seen the original and really liked it, this version killed it.
Lets do a couple comparisons shall we?
I loved this song from the movie her voice is perfect
Well whoever casted this movie should pat themselves on the back, Julianne Hough is absolutely gorgeous and fits the role of "wild child" perfectly. And whoever that new actor is who played Ren is pretty freakin hot....oh and hes a good actor too. I saw a lot of people said he wasnt attractive but you need to see him in the role. Oh my goodness. But no really they just fit perfectly for me and i loved Dennis Quaid as the reverend too. Also the guy who plays Willard is hilarious he made a lot of the movie, i think. The movies able to bounce back and forth between funny and serious well. The music was again, amazing. It stayed true to the favorites, well my  at least, they had lets hear it for the boys as the original and that scene is adorable, along with Hero and obviously footloose. I would love to add this version of Hero is one of my favorites! I am slightly obsessed with the song now. In the last scene, can i just say the oufits match the original to a tee. I didnt even notice but after looking at pictures they are exactly the same. Very cute. The movie followed along with the original pretty closely. Ah through the whole thing i just wanted to dance too and sing along. However, I can see a couple of the parents having a few problems with it...the music wasnt bad but it was funny to hear black and yellow in it, so people cant complain about that because it followed pretty closely music wise but the dancing did get pretty...intense sometimes. Okay and this is probably bad to say but Julianne Hough makes being bad look way fun hahaha. Maybe its just for me though...? A couple of the jokes were definitely modern for lack of a better word, kinda innapropriate. There were also some language issues but i'm gonna overlook those due to the fact that i absolutely loved the movie. I only have good things to say about it. I really just love love love love love love love the guy who played Ren, and his character in general. Such a good movie. I would already love to see it again, i think this and crazy stupid love are my two new favorite movies from 2011 or just in general. I hope everyone who said this would be terrible eats their words because they should. I will be buying the soundtrack and the movie. To sum it up, i love both the original and the remake, why cant they both be good? and by love i mean obsessed
Final verdict: A-
I hope this helps for those who were on the fence about paying to see it in theatres, DO IT.
oh and heres the new stud, i found a new celeb crush thats for sure...
i think i'm in love, along with every other girl in America, after you see it you'll understand

I would LOVE to know what you think

xoxo Cait xoxo

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  1. Look at you.....all Syskel & Ebert on me! Ok so I must say, you have me convinced. I lOve how you talk about the new Ren. When I saw previews I was not impressed thinking "good grief he should be hot at least!" so I'm happy you thought he was worth the $20 bucks + and the time spent. I will definitely be heading to the theatres, I love the Original & have seen it more times than I care to count. Thanks babe.....this was helpful and fun to read!